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The village of Alajeró

Vallehermoso - Agulo - Hermigua - San Sebastián - Playa Santiago/Alajeró - Valle Gran Rey 

The village of Alajeró is located in part of the ancient aboriginal territories of Hipalán and Orone, in the south-western part of La Gomera. The Santiago ravine forms the boundary of San Sebastián, dividing Playa Santiago in 2 administrative districts, Lomada de Tecina and Laguna de Santiago

Natural attractions include the particular geology and fauna of the coastal area, and the calm, crystalline waters of the beaches at Santiago or Erese. One of the few specimens of the drago tree found on the island grows here close to Agalán.

Playa Santiago, population-wise the most important place in the south of the island, belongs to both districts of Alajeró and San Sebastián. Born as a little fishing village, the town grew as processing factories, facilities for repairing ships, and a residential area for workers where built.

In 1917, the Norwegian company Nowga (popularly called "los Noruegos") came to the island, and the farming cooperative Rodríguez López was established ten years later. Crops grown on irrigated land grew in importance, thanks to the water canal from the upper area, and tomatoes and bananas where exported through its small port.But the agrarian crisis in the sixties and seventies eclipsed this small southern empire; agriculture was abandoned and the factories were closed. The crisis resulted in a large-scale emigration to Tenerife and South America.

Nowadays, however, Playa Santiago has discoved a new economic activity : tourism and services, thanks to its good weather and lovely landscapes. The harbour improvements for fishing and sports, and the new hotel built by Fred Olsen Company have converted this area into one of the most successful of the island. Noteworthy places to visit are the water mill of Pastrana, and the villages of Benchijigua, Lo del Gato, Targa y Antoncojo, and beacues such as Santiago, Tapahuga, del Medio and Chinguarime.

Noteworthy places to visit :
- the church of Salvador del Mundo with a beautiful inside door, and a XVIIth century,
- the ermitage of San Lorenzo, near to the Herques ravine,
- the water mill of Pastrana,
- the hamlets of Benchijigua, Lo del Gato, Targa and Antoncojo,
- the drago-tree in Agalán
- the beaches in Santiago, Erese, Tapauga, Chinguarime,.

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